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Monday, January 16, 2012

(7 layers) Most recent Layouts.. 7 in one weekend

I am so exited about the fact that I was able to do 7 layouts this weekend.  I have never done so many before in such a short amount of time, considering that I had to cook, clean and do our grocery shopping on weekend He he he!!!  I am so happy, I even played with cold porcelain.  I will show bellow what I did.  It's some sort of porcelain with a twist.  Because I incorporated stamps.    
Here...these are some of my "7 layers" I did..not finished yet because I am adding some porcelain embellishments to this is just a quick glimpse. 

On a couple ribbons I sew, I add a strip of purple pearls.  One of the corner with feathers and a cameo.

The complete Lo: Mi madrina de bodas!!! Iris.  Some of these flowers have been embossed using UTEE.

 The bottom corner

 Sister and hubby.  I saw the opportunity to play and use these flowers I made looong ago,the flowers centers are all different, some are paper, others pearls, others a stick pin and crepe paper. 

  A nice cameo in top right corner. 

My hubby and son getting in the mood for Iron Maiden 2011

 I sew a piece of fabric, and lace and a strip of pearls.

Instead of covering the doily heart shape with lace, I cover only half of it and paint it in aqua.

Playing with Porcelain

These are the porcelain figures I did.  I made the dough and then cut small pieces depending on what I needed it.  Then I stamped over the piece, cut the excess and ta da!! for two days in the porch and then I will paint them in different colors.  Perfect for my Greek alike layouts.

 More of those flowers I recently did.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Isabela's Minibook

For the daughter of my BBF, after over 20 years ..still my friend.
I love you Vilma Badillo and now Isabela!!!

This flowers all made by me using different techniques, mostly Elsa's from JAFD

Butterfly in vellum, the word dream and the swirl I did with my Slice machine:

Bird shape cut in foil paper, flower stamp made using perfect pearls in Gold

 More la Flor!!!

 Oh my.... more flowers: Some are fabric and others are paper.  After shaping the flower I add either glitter glue, or pearls, or stones, or glitter.....

 Dimensional butterfly in vellum and paper with center in multi-color glitter, glued over pearls

 Fabric flower
 Closer look

 More flowers...yes all hand made with lots of love. The small one where bought, we all have seen these small ones in stores.

 A view of the page from a different angle

 Embossed butterfly:  This is a Tag
 Orange contrast in a olive green and gold page.
 Multi pocket folding with shapes that can be use as a pic frame.  They are embossed