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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The teacher of all of you

My granny (on the left corner) was the English teacher for Titi Pepita, next to granny,  and also to my dad, (next to my mommy) parents....they are divorced for over 30 years, but still good friends!!! In fact daddy, comes to my mom's to drink coffee almost daily.  For special activities, like dominoes afternoon..he is also there.... Yeap! He is always there.  Oh noo, no no no....nothings is happening between these two.  Trust me,  In fact he is married.  My mother is a widow.  Oh my Gosh....I have to pay attention to this.  But anyway, my granny, she was the English teacher of almost every single local on our hometown.  No wonder, people address  me as Mrs. Villalobo's granddaughter.  

Fabric flower I made...the X means hugs

                        This ticket I made with a stamp and then paint it with distress inks.  Then with a bird punch I      
                                                       cut additional bird shapes from a glitter paper.

    Teapot shape cut with my Slice machine and then fussy cut the dictionary page in the back to make it look like a shadow.  I painted the teapot with chalk  colors.  

I made this teapot with my cold porcelain mix and then I covered it with glitter. 

Smile forever

This is my younger sis.  She is sooooo beautiful.  Inside and outside.  She is just adorable.  Her so important to me, because when I see her smile...I saw my mother smile in hers.  My mama doesn't smile very often now.  So I guess that with Layza's, I get a bit of that true, open smile, my mama used to have.

Christmas in July? ;-D

I am not celebrating Christmas this month.......mmm  well I did cook a Christmas "festin" the other night...but this pictures are from December.  Honestly!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

This is what I made for my hubby for father's day.  I was inspired by Luvleescrapping, and decided to do something similar for my husband.  I used lots of distress inks and alcohol inks for the metalic elements. I incorporated an Ipod board because he repairs I-pods as a hobby, (he repairs almost everything) a screw, a gear and a set of clock parts among other many items that has a specific meaning to him, therefore to us.  My husband was a boy scout, that's why I incorporated the BSA Rank @ the right.  If you look closely, below that is a sticker of a cloth pin.  The picture frame was covered with glitter, for the sparkle he brings to my life.  The HR guitar bring us memories, of when he worked there and when we were dating.  The film strip, because that's another of his passions, photography.  If you look at t he bottom of the frame there is a tiny, little black chess piece.   He is so good at this game.  The genie bottle, for me represents what he does for me......all my desires...... are his purpose, he makes me happy and lives to give me all I need.  Amor, have a bless day.  I celebrate you every day of the year....and the father you have been for my son, we couldn't have asked for anything better.  Thanks forever  Jorge!!

This is a canvas frame that I used inverting the front.  The back of the frame serves as a configuration box.  It's an interesting  style.  


I made this little booklet where my son and I wrote him a real father's day message.  The pages where inked using coffee, (what was left) Jajjajaaa,  I stamped and burnished images related to scouting.  Inside the brown bag goes the mini notebook and a tag that I made.  (Image below).

 In the back of the canvas, I made a pocket using a brown paper bag,  which I stamped using distress inks I made a paper flower and glued that in the center.

The tag.  In the bag I wrote a private message.  

Hilda is the one in the center, Purple blouse

Minibook for a Friend

Enjoy retirement Hilda!!!  We'll miss you   ;-(