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Monday, July 16, 2012

Just two layouts this weekend I was busy doing tickets and....laundry ;-(

 This one is someone special...that I adore.  Everything in this page says something about him, the flowers, the ticket, the fruits, the jars.  I made the flowers with my slice machine. very own versions of Spiderman.  My superheroes!!!! Charlie & Chris 2002...Oh my he is climbing the walls!!!

Ticket weekend

 Dimensional cool to make
 On these tickets I cut mini butterflies using a punch and I cut them twice.  First I cut it in a brilliant paper (blue) and then using alcohol inks I colored acetate paper, and punched the butterflies again and glued the center of the one in acetate over the one in paper.  That gives some dimension to it.  I did the same for the pink ones you'll see at the bottom. The same technique can be used using vellum paper.  I have bigger images in my blog history in the right column.  One sample can be found on the left column ;-)  If you like it.....would you leave a message?  Would you mind...Please ;-(
 These I stamped using purple distress inks, and aging the paper, to use it on mu heritage album.

 This one is part of another set I made last year, stamping and coloring with the distress inks.  This is the last one of that batch.
 Here are a few with varied options.  Lipsticks, some die cuts glues, stamps and stickers.  Sorry the picture is not rotated correctly.  

 Closer look of those butterflies I glued to the tickets.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

All together on the same afternoon..jajjajajaa

Afternoon in the "balcón"

Discovering yourself

Taking benefit from paper that is already embellished.  I like when the paper has decorations, because it's easier for me to just follow the pattern.  Like in this one.

This ticket is a real pass to a place we used to go when Carlos was4 years old.  The flower on top is one of  mine made with fabric and then dye using coffee.  

This  is a medallion he bought in Disney World like 4 years ago. I dyed it using
                                                                                        alcohol inks.

The fabric roses trim where dyed using the coffee technique.  The Doily I painted with inks in gold and teal to make it look rusty  The flowerpot is one of my porcelain embellish that I stamped and then painted using teal and bronze.   On the blog archive you can find a see the process on how I made it. Under the ticket, a flower spray I made.  

Only you...Mother