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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My mom, my muse

Lazy afternoon, 12 x 12 Lo. I just noticed that my mamita is my "muse" inspiration. She is the theme in many of my LO.  I love her so much and everything about mom is an inspiration to me. The way she survived through her childhood, they way and courage she demonstrated when she raised us, her support through my whole life, her patience and her love.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ICARDS created by Mary ""

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A communion

Sometimes I wonder why I use the word memories, so much in almost everything related to scrapbooking.  Well maybe because scrapbooking it's all about memories, or maybe because in absence of a better noun, it's the easiest and most common one in this field.   Whether, is the easiest or more suitable name, Is the one I like the best.  I'm a memory keeper.  I started this whole scrapbooking adventure in 2005, but the memories recollection, and storage, since God knows when. Circa 1977.
Here is my nephew on his First communion (right top pic).  These events not only marks down his life, but everyone else in the family.    At the end, is another memory. :-3

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Altered Bottle

 For a special person in my life
 hand made flowers
 Hand made flower centers

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Soccer minibook

A minibook made for my nephew, Ismael.  A book to collect his team pictures.  I cut some of the shapes used here using my Slice Machine, from Making Memories.  Please check my YT channel for the video.  I tried to upload more pics, here but they are upside down.  I can't fix it.  Sorry.  I want to thank Caroline, YT -sofla28-  I was inspired by her work.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parisian Mini-book for a chic lady

After two months building this mini, finally, Finally is finished.  Between work and other life demands, it's been difficult to put so many hours on the preparation of my crafts.  But finally is complete.  Every page on top has a pocket and a tag, a long one, for comments and more pictures.  Check my FB and YT for more pictures. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

configuration Box- A few of my favorite things- Spring

This configuration box, was build from scratch using en empty box from a laptop that we bough two years ago.  Yes, I've been working on this conf. box for that long.  Oh my.  collecting the elements I wanted to use.  I want to highlight my passions.  Sewing, reading, eating, (that's why you see a spoon on top from Baskin Robins), make up, perfume, traveling, nature and games. I love playing games.  So what I did was I used some boxes from a TH conf box kit that I used for another conf. Box done, precisely for Maria, and I integrate those to the empty space in the box, and construct divisions using card board.  I saved a lot of money, just by recycling and re-purposing.  Yes!!!

 A gift from my cousin / sister Maria " and Maria Diaz in YT.  Thanks Mary!!!  I was saving this for a special occasion...and what better that this.  It's perfect for this project.   It resembles the dress form on my sewing room (diner room) jijijiji.

A trinket from Maria.  it has the perfect size to be placed around the birds nest.  The sun shines for all.

A cold porcelain flower made by me,  and painted in gold, then glued to a piece of crochet.   the shoe in the corner was also a gift from Mary.  Looks like she is my only supplier. Jajaja.  Go see her blog, she is very talented.  a Mixmedia artist.
Can you see my fav. trinket, pin.  The umbrella?  In the video is perfectly catched.  Go see the video in YT.
Here is the umbrella/  and a picture frame, because that's related to scrapbooking. moments capture by a camera. I covered the back of the box with paper and added some vintage images using Mod podge glue.  To give that final touch that I love so much.
many of the flowers included in this conf. box are hand made using either paper or fabric.

The Y is for my Middle name.  Secret.  ;-)

I love to include my passion for Jesus Christ in my creations.
And a mirror, actually this project has three.  Can you find them?  Mirror, mirror in the wall....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lapbook Christmas book

A minibook made completely with file folders.  I have recycled many file folders and created this minibook for which  it's name is "Lapbook" . This is an original creation of Kathy Orta.  It's a complicated book, with multiples folding and cuts,   with lots and lots of tags and multiple pockets.  It also has a perfect opportunity in the center for greeting cards and letters or maybe  big family pictures.  I follow Kathy's instruction step by step and complete mine after 24 hours of work.  Thanks Mrs. Orta for your talent that you willingly share with the world.  This is the lapbook finalized and it's going to be the gift for my new BFF Mary.