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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Four shabby chic Minialbums

These four "minibooks" are really a mini version of a minibook.  Yes..They are 4.5 x 3.5  and I was inspired by Misty, from Shabby Beautiful Scrapbooks.  She typically make these books and I've been waiting for the opportunity to make some for my BFF's.  This is my version of her mini books.  I want the recipients to be able to put some pics here and I have also included in the tags, personalized messages for each one of them.  Each booklet has two tags, one with my message to each and a blank one for them to also write something!  Four beautiful friends that have been friends of mine for over 30 years.  Sari..she has been my friend since we were in the fourth grade.  Oh My....Vilma, Vanessa and the other Vanessa, have been really good friends since high school. (20 years) These girl and I have share a whole life of experiences.  We have grown old laughing together and crying together.  I will always be thankful to Jesus for these my beloved friends.  Thank you guys! Your presence in my life is like a treasure of great value, close to my heart.