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Monday, January 16, 2012

(7 layers) Most recent Layouts.. 7 in one weekend

I am so exited about the fact that I was able to do 7 layouts this weekend.  I have never done so many before in such a short amount of time, considering that I had to cook, clean and do our grocery shopping on weekend He he he!!!  I am so happy, I even played with cold porcelain.  I will show bellow what I did.  It's some sort of porcelain with a twist.  Because I incorporated stamps.    
Here...these are some of my "7 layers" I did..not finished yet because I am adding some porcelain embellishments to this is just a quick glimpse. 

On a couple ribbons I sew, I add a strip of purple pearls.  One of the corner with feathers and a cameo.

The complete Lo: Mi madrina de bodas!!! Iris.  Some of these flowers have been embossed using UTEE.

 The bottom corner

 Sister and hubby.  I saw the opportunity to play and use these flowers I made looong ago,the flowers centers are all different, some are paper, others pearls, others a stick pin and crepe paper. 

  A nice cameo in top right corner. 

My hubby and son getting in the mood for Iron Maiden 2011

 I sew a piece of fabric, and lace and a strip of pearls.

Instead of covering the doily heart shape with lace, I cover only half of it and paint it in aqua.

Playing with Porcelain

These are the porcelain figures I did.  I made the dough and then cut small pieces depending on what I needed it.  Then I stamped over the piece, cut the excess and ta da!! for two days in the porch and then I will paint them in different colors.  Perfect for my Greek alike layouts.

 More of those flowers I recently did.


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  1. These are cool :)Is it saltdough?, like equal amounts of salt and flour and some water and oil? I used to make figures and stuff from that when I was younger, but I find that the polymer clay is a lot easier to work with, when it comes to details, but the dough was cheaper and worked for wall hangings and figures :)hugs and smiles, Linda