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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sister's 4 Ever Wall plaque

This is the finished plaque.  The coaster can be pulled and it will exposed the word sisters.  At the end it is a combination of fabric lace, doilies, crepe paper, (that cannot be seen on the pictures, but I covered the base with crepe paper and pieces of a white lace plastic table cover).  Glued together with mod podge.   That gave me the base texture and color to my plaque.  I am satisfy with the colors I used, and I am sure she is going to love it.

Paper, fabric and porcelain flowers.  In my opinion they look good.  ;-)  Don't they!!? Marbles and beads were use as centers for the flowers.  Fabric was dye.
 I made this beads sprays that I learned from a lady in YT.  Kelly.
Glitter paper to frame the looovely!!!!!  looks like candy cotton Yummy.  Also, that application at the bottom is..... or was a piece from a dress that belonged to my untie.  

 I don't know why this image can't be fixed.  Anyway....... I used my Slice machine to cut the banner pieces and the letters.  I inked and use some sparkle to make them look girlish.  Below is a closer look.  

 A coaster served me as a  tag, to write her a message in the back.

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