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Friday, September 21, 2012

These are my friends

A 12 x 12 layout about my friends.  A recent trip to my island, allowed me to spend some quality time with them.  Despite of the many hours together, having fun, remembering the good old times, it was not enough.  I returned back with a mix emotion feelings.  Ahhh.  I love these folks so much, they where part of my past, and I hope they will continue to be present in my future.  
The paper is from the Mariposa collection.  All the flowers are hand made by me, and are made of fabric.  The swirl in the right hand corner, was cut with my Slice machine.  The coca-cola girl its an image of a Coca-Cola girl.  In the right corner of the pic, you'll see a few cold porcelain flowers, of course I made them...jijiji.  saving $$$ as much as possible. Some small pearl trim also included and an embellishment next to the flowers.  I had so much fun creating this layout. This is an attempt to immortalize our friendship and the good times we spend together.  


  1. I decided to start this in enghish, but its not the same feeling! 1ro quiero agradecer a Dios que es el que ha estado presente en esta hermosa amistad... 2do a ti por tu fidelidad como amiga y hermana... y 3ro a la vida por la circunstancias que nos unio para siempre estar juntas! Yadi, te amo con toda mi alma, a tu hijo porque Dios le brindo la oportunidad de que fueras tu su mama..Y a Jorge porque Dios lo premio con una mujer tan extraordinaria. Zapita, Yadi, Sa. Diaz... eres extraordinaria y por eso soy premiada por tenerte en mi vida.. Besos Izabella Rocío y Vilma!

    1. Ay Vilma..que linda...gracias, tu ves porque te amo tanto?