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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The teacher of all of you

My granny (on the left corner) was the English teacher for Titi Pepita, next to granny,  and also to my dad, (next to my mommy) parents....they are divorced for over 30 years, but still good friends!!! In fact daddy, comes to my mom's to drink coffee almost daily.  For special activities, like dominoes afternoon..he is also there.... Yeap! He is always there.  Oh noo, no no no....nothings is happening between these two.  Trust me,  In fact he is married.  My mother is a widow.  Oh my Gosh....I have to pay attention to this.  But anyway, my granny, she was the English teacher of almost every single local on our hometown.  No wonder, people address  me as Mrs. Villalobo's granddaughter.  

Fabric flower I made...the X means hugs

                        This ticket I made with a stamp and then paint it with distress inks.  Then with a bird punch I      
                                                       cut additional bird shapes from a glitter paper.

    Teapot shape cut with my Slice machine and then fussy cut the dictionary page in the back to make it look like a shadow.  I painted the teapot with chalk  colors.  

I made this teapot with my cold porcelain mix and then I covered it with glitter. 

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