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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friends from the 80's

I recently discovered that thing called "Minibooks". Thanks to Elsa, from "Just a few paper designs". Now, although, is not my passion, I have made like 7 in the past 2 months. I recently visited my family in Puerto Rico, and I brought mini books, and dress form tags...everyone was thrilled about these grandmama, told me that she will keep it close to her heart, because (the mini) was about all of her grandchildren. I included the pics, because I knew she wasn't going to do it. So when she saw the project, she was very excited about it.
I've also made one for "mami" for my Miri. That's how we used to call ourselves, when my sisters and I used to played housewife's. Anyway, My mother's mini can be seen at the bottom of this blog, is the red one. A wrap around mini that Elsa also taught us how to do. Here is an image of that mini book, that I called "Valentino"with love to my dear, adorable, mother.

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  1. Hola amiga! Primero, ahhh esta cancion me recuerda de mis tiempos! ahhh como baile en la disco!!! 2ndo, quiero darte las gracias por tus palabras!!! Que linda eres! Muchisimas GRACIAS! Y mira, you no se que es lo que tienen esos HOmbres! pero ayyyy si Diosito me diera solo UN DIA con el, you muriera una mujer MUY feliz!!! lol and like you, my common simple hubby will do! I love him dearly but would trade him in for the rock in a split second! lol Me encantan tus libritos que isiste para tu buelita y mami!!!! Dichosa tu que tienes abuelita, la mia paso ace 10yrs ella tenia 108 anos!!! Ya era tiempesito but I miss her!! Bueno amiga, i didnt mean to write you a book! Keep in touch and keep creating!!!