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Sunday, October 28, 2012

What to do with an old calendar

Have you had a calendar, outdated, that you just don't want to throw away?  Let me give you an idea.  Don't throw it away.  Re-purpose!  Re-use-I took my hubby's 2011 Star-wars calendar, and created a compendium of layouts.  Yes!!!  With such a calendar... very masculine itself, I decided to cover the section where the days are display, the bottom part of each (2 page) section.

Everybody personalize calendars nowadays, right.....well... it's something similar,only that we are using an old calendar.  One that for sure you will love to hang on your craft room.  This way you can continue to enjoy the calendar image and your layout.    It's a win win activity. ;-)

So, what you need is that old calendar you love so much, cover the calendar section with paper, it's close to a 12 x 12.  and create your layout there.  Do not detach the pages.  You'll still keep the image on the upper page, (which is what you want).  You can either make a book about the same theme on the calendar or different topics like I did, everything about him, birthdays itself.  This is a calendar that's never outdated. Timeless.   Don't you just love it?

This is my idea on what to do with an outdated calendar that I refuse to trow away, please feel free to be creative!!!!  Here are some of my pictures.  If you like it..leave me some love, ehhh?

 I kind of add some stickers on tags to that little extra

 I printed some images of different planets, from the movie and then accommodate it in the corners, so the tags can be inserted.

 This paper flowers where hand made from brown paper bags, and painted using coloring chalk.

 The last page with my image so he don't ever forget me.  Timeless love!!!
 I made these flower sprays using the cold porcelain.  The purple and black flowers where cut usign my slice machine.  The flowers card.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

File folder BD gift

This is a BD gift mini album, made for my cousin Omayra.  Happy  Birthday "Payasita".
I learned this manila file folder mini from Mzjezzb's, her blog is  I think this is a great idea, for those occasions when you want to do and say something more that just a BD card.  It also allows the person to collect pictures and create their own memories.  I think that is awesome!!  I will upload a video later this week for this project on my YT channel which is ndiaz1969.  Thanks for coming and smiling with me. 

I used my hand made porcelain flowers, and also covered the lower section using a piece of wall paper decoration trim, that I fussy cut.  As you can see here, it goes perfectly with the designer paper used.  I am smiling at this project because I used all my fav colors.  ;-)   

 This is a piece beads spray I have, and it match perfectly in this project.  The green flower doesn't have a!!  yes  but on purpose!  In recognition that not everything is perfect and differences are not disabilities but possibilities.  Viva!!!!!   people with disabilities.   In your honor my friends!!  I try to do things like this on my projects to keep me aware and create conscious.

This is an original creation of my....Umbrellas.  I have always been a fan of umbrellas.  So I made my own.  I search on YT and on the web for tutorials and couldn't find any, so if you know of any one who does them..please let me know, I would love to learn other techniques.  For now, this is my version.  I used fabric, fabric doilies and pieces of wood sticks and pipe cleaners.  I have used them on other projects before and I have two versions of umbrellas, a closed one ( illustrated here), and an opened one.   I am very proud that this is a personal creation.  

This is how the project looks when is opened in full.  It accommodates 4 pockets for tags, (which I made and personalized for her) and 4 areas for pictures.  That's her assignment, jijiji  ;-)  
I love you mamita!!!! Hope you like it as much as I do, to place it in your desk, as a reminder of the blessing of life celebration.   Another year!!!!!!