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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easel card for Auntie Erba


Birthday easel card for Granny

Granny time...weekend!!!
Feliz cumpleaños abuelita de mi alma, 
mi vida !

Grand-mama Tag for her bible

Villita my blog...I love you soooo very much Granny

Because shoes are an important part of our life
Closer look to the background  /I stamped the tag using TH distress inks

Image of Jesus, teaching to people//Internet image

Multi layers, fabric flower in her favorite colors
Do you have an much I love my granny?
From here to heaven and forever

Lazy Saturday afternoon

Believe it or not..these are going to an  Star Wars recycle calendar album.

This is a butterfly cut with a punch from acetate paper, and colored with alcohol inks
This tiny butterfly was glued (with glossy accents) to a corner in a paper flower to create a beautiful realistic effect

 Do you see the butterfly....????

Super inexpensive flowers

I spent a couple hours to make these super easy, inexpensive mixed technique flowers.  I combine a couple techniques I've learned from many talented women in the youtube tutorials.   Here are some of my Lazy Saturday afternoon flower creations.

Using circles and any type of paper (that's what makes them easy and convenient) and using design scissors cut around to give a nice edge decoration.   Spray water on them to make them flexible and easy to handle and shape.  

You will need brads, and a product to add color..I used Dabbers.  

In some of these flowers I stamped an image 

 After stamping each one, I added color all around the edge

This is the result
 Now crumble each layer to add this.  

 This is what you should be getting.  At this point I have attached the brad.  

 Then open the layers and play with them until you get the desire finish

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Project

The son of a friend, takes Karate classes, and celebrated his 13th BD at the Karate school.  This is a piece of wood board he broke with his foot.  I create a 11x11 layout using both pieces to make something unforgettable.  
First I glued the two pieces to a piece of foam board.  We need stability, hot glue worked fantastic

              Covered the wood with mod Podge
 Painted the inside of the crack with bronze spray paint, added the invitation to the birthday 
 Added some of my flowers

Stamped a nice message
With twine and buttons I created the effect of sewing the crack (criss cross style)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome back

Okay...I have been uploading images like crazy in the blog, restoring the previous status.  Ja!!  Whatever, for my surprise, many of the last year pictures are not store in my computer anymore.  Therefore, I am not able to upload them now.  They are safe, but in storage somewhere else.  I am not looking there now.  Not this weekend.  I honestly believe no one would care, tough.  So, I think everything is almost back to normal in this blog.  So I hope.. continue to enjoy and a big  WELCOME

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello How are you?  Me?.... I am going nuts..I just received my new AT&T Samsung Galaxy smart phone..and while I was playing here and there, and clicking and deleting stuff I don't want on my mobile......accidentally I erased a file, that apparently and obviously shouldn't have been deleted.  Next thing I know.  All my images in the blog...gone, perdido, lost.... like for ever.  Please bare with me as I recover one by one, those images.  I will try to do that this weekend.  Ahhhhhh  nightmare!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Other things I made for 12 x 12 layouts
Playing with ribbons, cold porcelain, fabric flowers and lace.  
Scroll all the way down to see them incorporated in layouts.

This is a picture frame made for my mother in-law Mrs. María Isabel.  Lots of small flowers in just one side, because I think that it brings attention to the other side.  The picture...and that is the purpose.

 Butterflies where cut from a punch in paper and in vellum, then glued in the center and embellished on the top center to create a visual effect of movement.

 A trip to Islands of adventure with my sis.  Layza!!!  Mamita thank you for a beautiful time together.  You made me laugh hysterically from the moment you arrived till the day before you left, because the day you left, a deep emptiness took place in my soul and accompanied me for the next few days.  Still, I remember and cherish every minute we laugh together.  I love you very much, with deep intensity, immeasurably. These is the mini I made her, so she can put some of the 1000 pics we took everywhere. I am going to upload a video in youtube tomorrow 4/3/12 If you want to see more pictures of the minibook.  All flowers are hand made by me.