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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mini album- All about meals-cooking memories

A mini album, to collect all those special meals that we made and that are a signature of our family.  I want to be able to look at these in the future, and remember these days, when we had so much fun cooking and eating together.  As many Hispanic families, we enjoy cooking and promoting our flavors and seasonings on all of our meals.  Every night is a something different that our son enjoys.  For my hubby and me, food is the right path to a persons heart.  With every meal he cooks (yes he is the main cook) he gives us his heart and his love.  When I cook, I do the same, (but his seasoning is better than mine)   I gave my family a piece of my mother and grand-mama and aunties seasoning.  Which is to the moon good.  I don't want to ever forget, the many food ingredients we use, and all these amazing plates from all over the world that we prepare.  One day is Italian, another day is Mexican, another day is Greek,  another day is Caribbean, then American, Spanish even French.  Yummy!!!!!   We love Food! Kudos to world cuisine!!!!!