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Saturday, March 16, 2013

configuration Box- A few of my favorite things- Spring

This configuration box, was build from scratch using en empty box from a laptop that we bough two years ago.  Yes, I've been working on this conf. box for that long.  Oh my.  collecting the elements I wanted to use.  I want to highlight my passions.  Sewing, reading, eating, (that's why you see a spoon on top from Baskin Robins), make up, perfume, traveling, nature and games. I love playing games.  So what I did was I used some boxes from a TH conf box kit that I used for another conf. Box done, precisely for Maria, and I integrate those to the empty space in the box, and construct divisions using card board.  I saved a lot of money, just by recycling and re-purposing.  Yes!!!

 A gift from my cousin / sister Maria " and Maria Diaz in YT.  Thanks Mary!!!  I was saving this for a special occasion...and what better that this.  It's perfect for this project.   It resembles the dress form on my sewing room (diner room) jijijiji.

A trinket from Maria.  it has the perfect size to be placed around the birds nest.  The sun shines for all.

A cold porcelain flower made by me,  and painted in gold, then glued to a piece of crochet.   the shoe in the corner was also a gift from Mary.  Looks like she is my only supplier. Jajaja.  Go see her blog, she is very talented.  a Mixmedia artist.
Can you see my fav. trinket, pin.  The umbrella?  In the video is perfectly catched.  Go see the video in YT.
Here is the umbrella/  and a picture frame, because that's related to scrapbooking. moments capture by a camera. I covered the back of the box with paper and added some vintage images using Mod podge glue.  To give that final touch that I love so much.
many of the flowers included in this conf. box are hand made using either paper or fabric.

The Y is for my Middle name.  Secret.  ;-)

I love to include my passion for Jesus Christ in my creations.
And a mirror, actually this project has three.  Can you find them?  Mirror, mirror in the wall....