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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Walt Disney World Vacation, mini album

 I have uploaded a video in my youtube channel ndiaz1969.  I was inspired by Scrap DIva 4 ever in her YT tutorial called Tutorial Manilla Mini Album.  Her YT channel is myscrapworld.  Her tutorial inspired me long ago, and I was waiting for the perfect moment to apply the concept.  It's  such a  great idea and the best of all is that, it's unique, easy, and wide enough to provide you with plenty of room for one or two pics, and journaling.  SO for me it's a super cool idea.  This lady is very talented.....and I admire her work very very much.  Also, I did  a mini multi pocket, in the last page of the mini, which I took from Follow the paper trail, lady. Another big BIG start in scrapbooking matters.  SOooooo super talented these two.  Make sure you have them in fast access.  ;-)
This mini is for my sweet super beautiful sister Ixya.  Oh my.... she came to visit us during her vacations and I was so happy to see her.  I'm still exited about he visit  Miss her sweet voice and funny stories.  So, mamita,  here you have your own minibook, to remember the good moments you had during your vacations.   Love you for ever sweet girl!!!!  Isma & Millito enjoy these memories as well.

I made this gift boxes using cold porcelain
 Center flowers also cold porcelain/ fabric flowers
 Paper, glitter, bids. stickers etc etc...all over the minialbum pages.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sister's 4 Ever Wall plaque

This is the finished plaque.  The coaster can be pulled and it will exposed the word sisters.  At the end it is a combination of fabric lace, doilies, crepe paper, (that cannot be seen on the pictures, but I covered the base with crepe paper and pieces of a white lace plastic table cover).  Glued together with mod podge.   That gave me the base texture and color to my plaque.  I am satisfy with the colors I used, and I am sure she is going to love it.

Paper, fabric and porcelain flowers.  In my opinion they look good.  ;-)  Don't they!!? Marbles and beads were use as centers for the flowers.  Fabric was dye.
 I made this beads sprays that I learned from a lady in YT.  Kelly.
Glitter paper to frame the looovely!!!!!  looks like candy cotton Yummy.  Also, that application at the bottom is..... or was a piece from a dress that belonged to my untie.  

 I don't know why this image can't be fixed.  Anyway....... I used my Slice machine to cut the banner pieces and the letters.  I inked and use some sparkle to make them look girlish.  Below is a closer look.  

 A coaster served me as a  tag, to write her a message in the back.